Bizness Inc was incorporated in 1994. In the mid to late 1990s it did Y2K ((Year 2000 Programming) contract work and all its clients successfully migrated to year 2000 without any problems. In the late 1990s, President Gary Richards started taking the company into the web world and making it a leading edge firm staying on top of the latest web technologies.



Bizness Inc.’s Web Advertising Services in a Joint Venture with Sozo Hosting Web Advertising Services has provided  a superb Web Advertising Tool that is like no other on the market.  Large Firms have the advertising to use Pay Per Click web advertising systems by many mid sized and smaller firms do not have the budget for a Pay Per Click Program that can rack up thousands of dollars in expense over no time.  The solution is a flat rate under $160/year with no hidden costs and great exposure on the web directories and in Google, Bing and Yahoo letting you change your ad as often as desired with no extra costs.  Click on this on link for more info and sign up for the yearly rate to save over 30% off.



Domains like: (Auto posting to your WordPress Blog Sites in 1 blog click, even auto post to your FaceBook and Twitter Accounts), Page) , (E-Commerce software), (Web Reporting), (web invoicing for you to receive automatic Recurring Payments through your clients credit card/PayPal account) were added along with new customers using these software systems designed by Bizness Inc.



Bizness Inc.’s Head office is in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.