1. Use a compelling title or headline on your home page that identifies your target customer and what you can do for that company. Identify your primary service and put it in your headline.

2. Build your site so it is easy to read and it has a theme that flows. Also it is very important that your text is large enough and easy to read. If you want to keep your visitors interested that last thing you want to do is have your text to light or to small.

3. Use client testimonials and success stories. Visitors will read success stories sometimes before they read what you are offering.

4. Put promotions or Free offers on your Web site. Not all visitors will be ready to buy, but when they see promotions or Free offers they may make the purchase or refer someone to your site.

5. Make it easy for your clients to contact you. You should have your company phone number or direct email contact on the front page. Remember the number one reason why IT companies are fired is because of lack of responsiveness. Be available to your clients and ready to provide support when needed.

6. Make sure the Web Site is Mobile Friendly and Friendly for all sized tablets or screen sites. Most new WordPress themes do the auto sizing for you with dynamic menus.

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